What is the Eating Pause…

When you fill your car’s gas tank, you know your tank is full because the gas pump shuts off. Our bodies have this same mechanism but most of us miss it or don’t even realize it exists. It is a subtle signal our bodies send to let us know it is FULL and we need to STOP EATING.

At some point while eating, most people suddenly stop eating and lay their forks down. They may stretch, check their phones, watch TV or startup a conversation. You may even glance at your food confusingly and ask yourself, “Do I really want to eat any more of  this?” This is the subtle signal your body sends to let you know it is FULL and doesn’t need any more. When you get this signal, you need to STOP EATING. Your body has had enough, and anything additional is too much. If you continue to eat, your stomach will stretch, you may get heartburn, gas, or worse… acid reflux. Your body also converts additional unneeded calories to fat.


You can also overeat healthy foods too. Restaurants today have salad-meals that are enormous. It is their way to justify a $15.oo salad. When is the last time you overate and later found yourself saying, “I shouldn’t have eaten that much because now I’m too full.”?

Unless you are looking for it, most people miss this subtle hint that our incredibly intelligent and efficient bodies send us, but now that you know it exists, you have no excuse to miss it.

Train yourself to start paying attention to your own eating pause at every meal starting today! If you still want to pick the fork up, just leave the table. Get up to go refill your water glass, take the dogs outside, take your plate to the sink or anything to get you away from that plate of food. If you are at a restaurant, ask the server to go ahead and box it up for you.

Pay attention to other people’s eating pause, also. Watch how their body reacts. Do they set their fork down, push their plate away, cover their food with a napkin or do they just keep eating. What are they saying? “I should stop eating, but it tastes so good!” Watching other people will help you to identify the eating pause signals in yourself.

I’ve noticed that the “Eating Pause” is always there when I’ve eaten exactly how much I am supposed to. I may want to go back for seconds (especially when it is something delicious), but I know that is crazy because anything past FULL becomes FAT!

Always remind yourself of the phrases, “When you’re full, stop eating!” and “Anything past full turns to fat!”.

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